Panthera Midnight Sun Trophy 2018


A UNIQUE EVENT ! Play under the midnight sun!

The sun rising over both tennis and Golf at 2 a.m.


Money Distribution: Panthera Midnight Sun Trophy 2018

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Order-of-Play & Results

Thursday June 28th
Wednesday June 27th

Tuesday June 26th (UPDATED!)
Monday June 25th

Main Draw Men
Main Draw Women (Round-Robin)
Main Draw Men Doubles

The ENTRY LIST_2018_revA.


  • Tournament: Panthera Midnight Sun Trophy 2018 (ITF Futures), Part of the Uniqlo Wheelchair Tennis Tour
  • The Tournament Facebook Page
  • Dates: Monday 25-Thursday 28 June, 2018
  • Arrival: Sunday June 24th
  • Departure: Thursday afternoon/evening. Finals are planned to start around noon.
  • Surface: Clay, outdoors (4 courts)
  • Balls: Tretorn
    Sweden’s oldest pedestrian shopping street – with two indoor malls as well – is less than 30 minutes (wheelchair pushing distance) from the courts.


  • Entry deadline: May 28th, 2018
  • Please note that we expect all to pay using the digital entry form.  Withdrawals will be reimbursed.
  • Entry fee: 250 
  • Entry fee single room: 370 € (pending availability)
  • Entry fee coach/accompanying person: 250 €
  • Entry fee single room coach/accompanying person: 370 € (pending availability)
  • Entry fee excluding accommodation: 130 €
  • Full Entry fee includes: 4 nights (Sun-Thu), 4 breakfasts at the hotel, 4 lunches at the hotel, 3 dinners at the hotel, official dinner upon arrival on Sunday (!).
  • Prize money: 3 000 $, payed in 
  • Main set draw sizes: M:16 M2nd:16 W:16 Q:16
  • Maximum amount of players: 64 as above. Due to hotel restrictions we will not accept more players. Players will be accepted on a ranking basis.
  • Entry form: Please fill out the digital entry form.
  • Take this opportunity to experience this truly unique event on the Uniqlo ITF tour! We plan to play the matches from afternoon/evening until morning, under the midnight sun!



  • Name: Piteå Golfklubb
  • Address: Nötövägen 119, PITEÅ
  • Telephone: +46 911-149 90
  • Email:
  • Number of courts: 3 match courts + 1 practice court
  • Other facilities:

    -Shower facilities on site


    -Wheelchair Repair Station

    -Players’ Lounge/Rest Area

    -Players’ Pack

    -Transfer to/from airport

    -Restaurant/snack Bar on site

    -Massage and stringer are all available at extra cost.


  • Name: Petter Edström
  • Address: Döbelnsgatan 95, 113 52 Stockholm
  • Telephone: +46705235319
  • Email:


  • Name: Jens Nilsson
  • Address: Enrisvägen 2, 944 71 Piteå
  • Telephone: +46706836007
  • Email:



  • Airport: Luleå (LLA) or Skellefteå (SFT)
    For a low-fare airline, please see Norwegian Airlines between Stockholm (ARN) and Skellefteå (SFT).

We look forward to seeing you in Sweden this Midsummer!

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